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Personalized Private Yoga Classes and Corporate Yoga at My Yoga Clinic Hong Kong

My Yoga Clinic offers top-notch private yoga classes, allowing students to learn and enjoy yoga under the guidance of a committed instructor. Our professional yoga instructors cater to both beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts, providing suitable classes and techniques for all.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga Classes

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, employees are often faced with constant stress, long hours, and pressure to perform at their peak. This relentless pursuit of success can lead to significant consequences on both physical and mental health, resulting in reduced productivity and increased absenteeism. In response to these challenges, companies have begun to embrace innovative solutions to promote overall well-being and balance in the workplace. Corporate Yoga has emerged as one such solution, offering employees a holistic approach to managing stress, increasing focus, and enhancing overall well-being.


Corporate Yoga is the integration of traditional yoga practices, such as asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation, into the workplace setting. As an increasingly popular corporate wellness initiative, it aims to address the unique challenges faced by employees and provide tools for enhancing their physical and mental health. By offering tailored yoga programs that cater to the specific needs of the corporate environment, this practice has become an invaluable asset for businesses looking to improve employee well-being, job satisfaction, and overall productivity.

Discover My Yoga Clinic's Private Yoga Classes

Our private yoga classes are tailored for those seeking a personalized yoga experience. Through these classes, students can progressively enhance their yoga skills under the supervision of a professional instructor. Depending on each individual’s level and needs, My Yoga Clinic offers the following private yoga classes:

Basic Private Yoga Classes Hong Kong

Perfect for beginners, My Yoga Clinic’s Basic Private Yoga Classes introduce students to the essentials of yoga. The instructor designs a beginner-friendly class that helps students build a strong foundation in yoga and develop key skills. This class covers basic yoga postures and breathing techniques, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and strength for both body and mind.

Intermediate Private Yoga Classes Hong Kong

Ideal for those with some yoga experience, the Intermediate Private Yoga Classes delve into more advanced yoga postures and flows. Our private instructors work closely with students to enhance their yoga skills and self-regulation.

Advanced Private Yoga Classes Hong Kong

Designed for advanced students, the Advanced Private Yoga Classes present a challenging experience. Students explore complex and demanding yoga postures and techniques under the guidance of seasoned instructors, improving flexibility, strength, and balance.

Private Yoga for Pregnant Women

Tailored specifically for expectant mothers, Private Yoga for Pregnant Women offers a one-on-one yoga class that promotes relaxation, eases pregnancy discomfort, and prepares mothers-to-be for the birth process. The class covers specific yoga postures and breathing techniques for pregnant women, fostering balance and alignment.

My Yoga Clinic Private Yoga Classes Pricing

Private yoga class prices at My Yoga Clinic depend on factors such as class type, instructor qualifications, and class duration. The price range for a one-on-one private yoga class is between $1,500 and $2,000. Clients can also opt for small group private classes with family or friends to share the cost. Regardless of the chosen class format, students can enjoy a customized yoga practice led by a professional instructor to enhance their yoga skills and overall well-being.

My Yoga Clinic Private Yoga Classes - Frequently Asked Questions

We provide yoga mats for our students at My Yoga Clinic’s corporate yoga classes and private yoga classes hong kong. However, you are welcome to use your own mat if you prefer.
Yes, My Yoga Clinic offers private yoga classes specifically designed for pregnant women. These classes address the unique physical and psychological needs of pregnancy, ensuring a safe and comfortable yoga practice.
To maintain the quality of our classes, advance booking is required for private yoga classes at My Yoga Clinic. Students can contact us through our official website or by phone to make a reservation.
Corporate yoga offers numerous benefits for both employees and employers, including improved overall health and well-being, increased productivity, enhanced team building and communication and improved company image.
If the employees are interested in corporate yoga, the HR team can first conduct a survey to gauge employees’ interest in participating in a corporate yoga program. Then you should hire a qualified yoga instructor and choose a suitable location. Set a schedule that works for the majority of employees, then promote the corporate yoga program through internal communications. Regularly gather feedback from participants and make adjustments of corporate yoga as needed.
Karishma Selarka Happy client

"Priyal has taught me to deepen my yoga practice by sharing her knowledge through each and every step in our class. From breath work to posture , from understanding of the body anatomy to finding connection with the body, from building strength to achieving flexibility and balance, she develops a flow that can help us grow our understanding of how to get in the pose , hold the posture and come out of it . Thus helping us to maximise the benefits of doing the pose correctly. She is a very kind teacher and always finds a way to share her wealth of extensive knowledge of yoga"

Tarana Somani Happy client

"Ever since I did the first class with Priyal, it was finally what I was looking for. I began yoga at the age of 18, in India, and once I moved to HongKong I struggled to find a teacher that focused on breathing, and perfecting poses to benefit from Ashtanga Yoga in its highest form. Ever since we started classes with her, so many of our internal health issues have been worked on and overall my body and mind has become stronger. Can’t recommend her enough! She’s the best ❤️❤️❤️"

Pratik Somani Happy client

"I started doing yoga on a consistent basis with priyal earlier this year, and her classes have made such a big positive impact on me, both mentally and physically. The personal attention she gives to each student during her classes as well as her obsession of doing yoga the right way is something I haven't experienced before in any other yoga class. Her drive, passion and knowledge for yoga is second to none. Simply put, I never really into yoga, but now I am kind of addicted to it and always looking forward to her classes"

Shital Jhaveri Happy client

"Enjoy the deep stretches and challenging poses in your class. Personal attention to each and every one and always try to push us to try harder and improve our alignment"

Manisha Dusia Happy client

"Priyal is an excellent teacher, & She is also very patient to teach every yoga position. I feel very helpful when I taking her classes.Highly recommend 👌👌"

Neeta Asarpota Happy client

"Each class of Priyal is very energising. Priyal has a deep understanding of yoga asanas. She’s very positive & encouraging .She ensures that I do each pose properly & that I get maximum out of the class. She adapts her classes to suit individual needs of her students .she takes time to explain and correct the poses. Looking forward to more learning !Thank you Priyal for lovely yoga sessions."

Love Anshika Happy client

"The lessons that you imparted went on to build a strong foundation for my life. I thank you for guiding and showing me the right path, which is not about just doing it, its about doing with an understanding- FOCUS ON BREATHE AND ALIGNMENT. I admire you for your patience and passion towards yoga and I love the way you emphasise on the fact -Feel the Energy Flowing. Thank you so much for being my teacher."

Aanchal P💕 Happy client

"Priyal’s yoga classes are the best I have been to! Her classes are always very fun and interactive, and she never fails to put a smile on our faces even when the yoga stretches and poses don’t allow us to 😁. She is very supportive and encouraging, which always makes me want to come back!!"

Shital Shah Happy client

"It’s been 2 years I have been practicing yoga with Priyal and I have notice lot of changes in my body .she helped me with my posture correction & body strength . Love the way she teaches with dedication & accuracy. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis her deep stretches really benefited me, it helped with better blood circulation in my body more flexibility and had no complain of pain after that . Best part of Priyal’s class you never know how time goes she never rushes to finish on time . Gives full attention with explanation & makes us also aware the benefits of the exercises. Even she make sure her students give their 100 % to achieve their targets . She is a perfect instructor for yoga can anyone ask for & am really happy getting trained under her."

Kiran Sukhani Happy client

"Yoga became by routine and extreme stretches became so easy, it was only possible with priyal who didn’t left one single second to push me and teach me the yoga poses and it’s amazing benefits. She worked on every single muscle and helped to gain the maximum flexiblity. With her dedication and push I could achieve a lot in yoga. She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to give her best to her students."


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